Solution Offerings

Ontogeny® solution can be tailored in 120 unique possible ways to suite your needs precisely. These seemingly overwhelming choices essentially boil down to just 4 options, broadly 2 before you purchase and 2 after you purchase.

  1. First option is to choose from 5 different licenses available. Licenses are how to group our product features. Review licenses details, compare license features and choose the one that best suites your needs. A woman having flowers in hands
  2. Second option is to choose from 2 different editions available. Using editions you basically decide whether you want to “rent” the Ontogeny MLM solution or want to “own” the license. Review edition details and compare editions before deciding your preference.
  3. Once you have decided your license and edition, eventually you will go online and start using the solution. Moving forward you will require certain maintenance to ensure that your MLM license is up-to-date with latest security patches, free from bugs (if any that surface later on) etc., just like your car, you require regular servicing to keep it in top condition. We call such on-going software maintenance as “License Maintenance Options”. Based on our experience, these needs vary so widely that we ended up offering 4 difference options to you. Do note that all our published license prices include 1 full year of “Persistent Maintenance”. This is our most widely used maintenance option. If it suites your needs at the moment then you don’t need to change. Be assured that your MLM license will be maintained and kept in top condition by us for 1 full year without any additional charges to you.
  4. Final choice is about website hosting. All licenses that you “rent” (using Leased Edition) are hosted by us. All “owned” licenses (using Perpetual Edition) might be hosted by either you or by us if you choose so. When our hosting facilities are used then you need to decide what is your acceptable downtime for the website. All website software need maintenance, these are hosted on servers, these servers require maintenance. Sometimes unexpected events happen like harddisk crash, power outage etc. Cost of hosting a website that is online/ available for usage for 99% of the time is very cheap. As you increase desired uptime from 99% to 99.9% or 99.99% or 99.999% cost goes exponentially higher. For 99% uptime charges are just few hundered US$ a year (for Ontogeny requiring professional RDBMS) and for 99.999% charges goes above US$100,000 a year. We offer you 4 different choices for “Hosting Options”. Do note that all published licenses prices already include 1 full year of Hosting 10 plan that offers 99.10% uptime guarantee. All downtimes for maintenance works are scheduled to be between 2am to 4am so overall impact is negligible if you operate in single country or region. Check out details of all hosting options available.

So you choose from 5 Licenses, 2 Editions, 4 Maintenance Options and 4 Hosting Options (with one option Hosting 10 being same as Hosting Only Maintenance Option, making effective unique choices as 3) – giving you 5 x 2 x 4 x 3 = 120 unique choices. If your solution is hosted by us then you get choices of 3 to 12 regions for hosting your solution (where do you want your website to be hosted – US, Europe, Asia?) . For Perpetual Edition you may choose to host solution in your own data centre (if you have) or you may host it with your own preferred hosting solution provider. This is giving you over 1,000 possible unique options. Only Ontogeny® offers such wider choices!

Of course you may upgrade your license or edition anytime in future by simply paying for the difference in prices. For License Maintenance and Hosting Plans you may upgrade or even downgrade to any variation any time and we will adjust the charges on pro-rated basis. Administrative charges may be applicable for certain changes.