Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is two-fold

Our Vision

1.  To provide most competitive, powerful, feature-rich, intuitive/ user friendly, multi-level/ network marketing solution, with fully transparent operations, accurate bonus/ compensation computations, and that supports unlimited growth at affordable prices, thus providing real value to customers.

2.  To create a stronger & stable source of revenue for our stockholders & employees.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

For Businesses that use our products : Our mission is to provide affordable, powerful and complete online solution that would allow business owners to leverage full potential of multi-level/ network marketing and allow them to grow unlimited, but in stages, at their own pace, and smoothly without any data migration or downtime.

For Individual Direct Seller/ Network Marketers : Our mission for network marketers is to provide them cutting edge, powerful, intuitive, easy to use solution to facilitate easier analysis of various data (e.g. genealogy, sales, income etc.), for quicker / informed decision making to grow their downline network and increase bonus income for themselves & their downlines.

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