Licensing Related

When you wish to upgrade then you need to pay only the difference in prices between the license you already own and the one you wish to upgrade to. When you purchase any license you also lock in the difference in prices between each license higher than the one you purchased. In future when you are ready to upgrade then you will be required to pay the lesser of prevailing price difference at the time of upgrade or your locked price differences when you purchased initial license. This way you are guaranteed to pay the difference you know now or lesser but never more.
Yes it is possible. We maintain backup of all our implementations. At any point of time we can revive any expired leased license. Depending upon the length of such duration when solution was not online there might be certain important security patches required to be applied to the previous version that was used last. Such patches are necessary to keep your important data safe and secured. We will charge you 20% of Persistent Maintenance charges for the entire duration when website was not online or US$ 100 whichever is higher as processing fees.

Our solution packaging is very much different from any other vendor we know. Reason for such pricing model is that the pricing model is designed to fulfil needs of our clients. We are based in Singapore and in this country as well as in neighbouring Malaysia there are 4 official languages – English, Chinese (Simplified Mandarin), Malay and Tamil. Multi-lingual choice is not a luxury here, its basic necessity for several businesses. Similarly there are several country in South East Asia where several currencies are accepted, for example if you visit Cambodia then you will find that USD is equally acceptable. In Bali, Indonesia you can walk with any of USD, IDR, SGD, AUD in your pocket. In such areas multi-currency is again a good to have feature. After discussion with several clients we realized that clients require maximum features possible even when they are operating in a single country/ tax regime. They don’t mind paying higher fees when they start operating in other countries. We decided to mimic this need in our pricing models.

Yes you may. There is no restriction in using the system this way. In fact it’s part of our solution offering to assist you to test your products in other regions first without spending anything more on IT needs. All you have to do is to configure prices in required currency and choose desired currency while creating new invoices. Various transaction screens/ reports allow you to filter data for specific currency.

However different country requires different reporting needs (like separate report header with address/ contact numbers/ company & tax registration numbers etc.), product/ package availability, security rights for staff operating in that country, stock tracking, logistics service provider integration, statistical analysis/ business intelligence needs etc. Such requirements are supported in higher licenses only. You may choose to upgrade when such features are absolutely necessary.

For example if you are operating in 10 countries and require different tax structure/ reporting needs for 3 countries. You decide to issue common invoices from head-office for all sales in remaining 7 countries then you may just upgrade for Enterprise eUnite license that allows you up to 3 Business Centres. Plan wisely, be smart and cut down your IT spending.

In most cases there are no licensing maintenance charges to be paid for the first full year. All licenses except Aspire, in both Leased or Perpetual editions, include bundled Persistent Maintenance for 1 full year for first 10,000 network marketers. Aspire Leased License includes bundled Persistent Maintenance for 6 months for first 10,000 network marketers. In case you are migrating past data from your previous MLM solution to Ontogeny and your network marketer count is more than 10,000 then you will have to pay additional maintenance charges as applicable.

All License maintenance charges shown in our Price page are per year per slab of 10,000 network marketers in the system. If you have 22,000 network marketers then you need to pay 3 times the License Maintenance charges mentioned in our prices page for the License and Edition you are using.

Maintenance charges are in direct proportion to number of network marketers in corporate genealogy. If you have dormant marketers then we suggest you move them to a special branch that is designated as “Dormant Branch”. If you wish to completely delete their data that would also suffice. We do not count network marketers that are deleted from the system or moved to “Dormant Branch”. This way you can save on license maintenance charges. So if you have 15,000 dormant network marketers out of total 22,000 marketers then you pay just 1 time the charges mentioned in our Prices page for the License/ Edition applicable. Do note that all network marketers under “Dormant Branch” do not earn any bonus commission and are not allowed to login to the system.

Yes, when any network marketer moved to “Dormant Branch” in corporate genealogy returns to purchase products/ services from you then you may activate the account and optionally move it back to its original genealogy location. Such network marketers will be counted as part of active network marketers that attract Licence Maintenance charges in slabs of 10,000.

Unfortunately no. All genealogy processing, bonus computations, live details display etc. is directly dependent upon size of genealogy. It doesn’t matter whether invididual network marketer is active or not, as long as its present on the corporate genealogy it increases cost and thus we need to charge you more to cover for these costs.

Compensation Plans

We support every type of compensation plan. Our pricing doesn’t change based on which type of compensation plan you are using. Our prices include charges for customizing solution based on your unique compensation plan. Do note that prices cover all simple to medium complexities in compensation plan. If your compensation plan is overly complex and has too many finer “ifs” then there might be some premium added. Overall more than 90% of the cases your compensation plan will be fully covered. Typical clients have 4 to 6 different bonus computations with 1-3 different rank groups each having up to 5 ranks. We have seen one client requiring 14 different bonus computations with 6 rank groups and too many “if” clauses. Such compensation plans will require additional premium to be paid to cover additional efforts required.

We manually put-together and optimize the bonus computations & verification display part. This allows us to remove redundant areas, improve efficiency of computation logic & display screens. Overall effect is you receive lean, efficient solution that gives right information at right place in right sequence that is perfectly suited for your unique compensation plans & work flow. This personal touch and efficiency cannot be gained using standard wizards. Wizard based solutions tend to be bloated in nature due to too many redundant features & checks that are not needed, information display follows generic templates and information needed in your case might be scattered in different screens or might not appear in logically desired sequence. After years of experience we decided to choose personal touch over wizard based solution. This means you cannot change your compensation plan all together dynamically. All such changes should go through our normal support process and there will be additional charges applicable depending upon the amount of work required for the change needed. Please see next FAQ question for further details.

Yes you may. We provide “Bonus Criteria” screen that allows you to configure all numeric values used in your unique compensation plan. These criteria values have effective date range and you may easily change all numeric values over time as needed. Our computation logic & verification display screens are designed to take care of variations to numeric values overtime. This feature is part of bundled solution so there are no additional charges applicable with each change required in numeric values.

General Features

Yes we frequently import data captured in other MLM solutions into our solution so all of your network marketers, their past purchases, rankings, bonus incomes, payments etc. are pre-populated in our solution using automated tools. For this to happen you should be able to extract data in any sensible electronic format like Xls, Xlsx, csv, XML. Alternatively you may provide us database backup file directly. If you can provide us this information then we will do the necessary work of importing entire data. There will be some additional charges applicable and it will depend on how data is provided. If data is provided in consistent format that can be parsed by computers without any manual data correction then charges will be lesser. If some manual editing or reformatting is necessary then charges will be higher. Size of the data plays little role in data import charges. So ill-formed data for 10,000 network marketers might require higher charges then well-formed data for 100,000 network marketers.

We do not charge for multi-lingual feature but we do not provide you ready translated text for each language either. Our translation manager module allows you to use online free automated translation services from Google® and Bing® that can translate entire text in a matter of minutes to any desired language. However you need to review the auto translated text, do necessary edits if needed and save it before it can be shown to different users. If needed then you may hire any professional translator to do the translation work. We do allow exporting files that can be provided to professional translators. After you receive translations from your expert then you can directly import the files and all translations are auto saved in the system. Our most clients prefer doing in-house translations by running automated translations first and then manually reviewing/ editing as necessary. We do offer partial translations for certain text for technical messages, these are the translations offered to us by our clients and verified by us using free online Google Translate feature to be sensible translations. We can make such translations available to you if desired. However we do not take any responsibility for its accuracy. Using this approach we have been able to offer you the feature at lowest possible prices.

Yes you may. Using our Document Numbering setup you may easily configure to use separate series with custom Prefix, Suffix values and a lot more.

Yes you may. Our solution is designed to support “right-to-left” or RTL languages. If any RTL language is selected then entire form layout changes from right to left. In LTR (Left-to-right) language typical arrangement is starting from left edge - Label first (you read from left to right) and then control with cursor for data entry appearing along left edge. For RTL it changes to starting from right edge - Label first (you read from right to left) and then control with cursor appearing along its right edge. This feature is supported “out of box” even in Professional License. Your RTL users will feel completely at home.