Product Licenses

Professional License

This MLM Software license is suitable for start-up to matured companies operating in one or more countries. This is our comprehensive offering with so many features bundled in this base version that you will surely be amazed reading complete list.

To see list of the features avaialable in Professional License, visit Compare Licenses page.

In case you are wondering why we have so many features packed in our minimum solution then read this FAQ

Do note that you are officially allowed to purchase Professional License and operate in more than one country / tax regimes if it fulfils your needs. (Read this FAQ).

Enterprise License

This MLM Software license includes all features available in Professional license. It supports up to 7 business centres and adds additional features like:

  • Online report designer,
  • Configure separate report headers with different address / contact details / company & tax registration numbers as needed,
  • Product / package availability in each business centres,
  • Ability to configure separate default site language / currency for different business centre,
  • Configure separate tax rates per business centres if applicable,
  • Ability to send newsletter / emails to network marketers or staff based in different business centres,
  • Configure news & events that are visible only to network marketers in specific business centres,
  • Advanced business intelligence module,
  • Advanced security access rights configuration with liberal to fine-grained access rights configuration setup,
  • Staff level overrides in access rights configurations etc.