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Ontogeny® is a MLM / Multi-level marketing / network marketing software. Ontogeny® is premium class, feature rich, enterprise grade solution with provision for unlimited scalability, yet is highly affordable, thus offering true value for money.

Ontogeny” is a term used in medical science & biology; it is defined as "the process of an individual organism changing from a simple to a more complex form." "Changing from a simple to more complex form" is what happens for every business using MLM/ network marketing to promote their products/ services as well as for every affiliate/ network marketer who joins them. Ontogeny® Software creates a highly conducive environment that supports, nurtures and promotes the process of growth of business as well as that of each & every network marketer with Love and affection. Ontogeny® truly is the Guardian for your Generations™.

Our Licenses

Aspire Ontogeny Professional MLM Software MLM Software that is suitable for start-up companies, includes all necessary core features like fast, real time genealogy analysis, back-office, bonus etc.
Professional Ontogeny Professional MLM Software This single MLM software license packs hundreds of features at most affordable prices offering great value.
Enterprise eUnite Ontogeny Enterprise eUnite MLM Software Get enterprise grade features in this MLM software license with 3 business centres supported. Several additional features available making your international expansion a breeze.
Enterprise eUniGrowth Ontogeny Enterprise eUniGrowth MLM Software Grow beyond your region with up to 7 business centres using Enterprise eUniGrowth MLM Software.
Universal Vision Ontogeny Universal Vision MLM Software This MLM Software is for global hawks with unlimited business centres supported.

Key features of Ontogeny® MLM Software:

  • Web based, appealing modern user interface, touch enabled yet mouse/ stylus friendly, works fine on all modern devices of all sizes.
  • Live sales & genealogy views/ reports.
  • Integrated eCommerce, online shopping cart management.
  • Offering great value with high grade quality at affordable prices.
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual enabled right from Professional License.
  • Truly enterprise-enabled, configure product availability in each country, separate prices, report headers, default site language, administrative controls, financial reports etc. for each separate country.
  • Network marketer/ affiliate back office for all.
  • All bonus compensation plans supported. Fixed prices for all compensation plans, and freedom to use any compensation plan.
  • Advanced security feature with liberal to fine grained security configuration policies.
  • Comprehensive price configurations for products/ packages.
  • Inventory module with options to configure multiple bins (locations) within each store.
  • Transparent operations, with detailed transaction info for each change in account balance.
  • Accurate bonus computations, various views from top level summaries to detailed verification.
  • Powerful business intelligence module integration, enables you to make sense out of the plain transactional data and derive deep insights.
  • Unlimited scalability, freedom to upgrade anytime, pay only for the difference. We guarantee there won’t be any downtime or data migration required when you upgrade.
  • Online wallet management for network marketers.
  • Powerfully-integrated online chat feature.
  • Integrated Helpdesk to manage trouble tickets from your network marketers, respond to them and maintain entire history of communication.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if not you get 100% money back*.
  • Truly the "Guardian for your generations™".

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We offer 120 different solution options to meet your unique requirements! One size doesn’t fit all and you deserve to choose what’s best for your.

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Product Editions

You may “Lease” or “Own” Ontogeny® MLM solution. Read the details and compare editions. Upgrade anytime by paying for the difference in prices.

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License Maintenance

We offer 4 different License Maintenance options. Review the details and choose how you want your license to be maintained.

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Hosting Options

What is your desired web solution uptime requirement? Hosting costs vary a lot as SLA goes high so we give you choices to control your IT expenses.

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