Leverage the true power of MLM

Ontogeny® is your Enterprise Grade
multi-level/ network marketing software.

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Powerful & Scalable

It’s the software you need as you scale.

The software offers scaling the business from single country operations to multi-country operations complete with multi-currency, advanced security rights configurations for country or regional managers and management reporting modules. Ontogeny® is in use for more than 15 years and used in over 23 countries today

A Term Used In Medical Science

Ontogeny means from simple to complex.

“Ontogeny” is a term used in medical science & biology; it is defined as “the process of an individual organism changing from a simple to a more complex form.”

Changing from a simple to more complex form” is what happens for every business using MLM/ network marketing to promote their products/ services as well as for every affiliate/ network marketer who joins them

Key Features Of Ontogeny


Fast & live sales/ genealogy views/ reports


Unlimited scalability with multi everything - multi-country, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-franchisee


Accurate bonus computations, various views from top level summaries to detailed verification.


Advanced security feature with liberal to fine grained security configuration policies


Replicated web sites with integrated eCommerce & referral tracking


Transparent operations, with detailed transaction info for each change in wallet balance

Singsuite® Family Member

Works with the best in software

Singsuite Family Member

Ontogeny® is SingSuite® family member and uses various products like SingSales, SingCMS, Sing-eCommerce, SingInventory, SingCRM, SingBroadcast and services like SingWebDesign & SingWebHosting.


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