What Sets Us Apart ?

  1. Our solution is designed to offer very high value for even low priced license. For example, our one of the low end priced Professional License includes several features including :
    • Multi-currency
    • Multi-lingual
    • Multi-stores and multi-bins in each store
    • Multi-prices per product/ package
    • Multi-users (staff, network marketers, franchisees, franchisee staff, customers)
    • Multi-access roles based security rights configurations
    • Multi-accounts per network marketer (also known as biz centre)
    • Multi-counters per network marketer account (also known as nodes/ income centres etc.)
    • Multi-device/ platform support
    • Multi-rank groups and multiple ranks within each group. Network marketer can hold multiple ranks simultaneously, one from each group
    • Advanced auto rank promotion criteria setup
    • Comprehensive product/ packages management options
    • Online wallet management options like allowing network marketers to transfer balances, purchasing products/ sponsoring new network marketer etc. using their wallet balances
    • Modern UI, Fully touch enabled
    • Live advanced genealogy views
    • Affordable scalability at its core
    • High level bonus income summary to detailed verification views for all
    • Advanced security with liberal to fine grained security configuration policies
    • Document number setup to configure how various system generated numbers appear etc.
    Many of these features are available only in premium licenses from other vendors costing several times higher than our license charges. We have done this to be able to serve needs for a company who are operating in single country, have limited budget for MLM solution, still require high end features like multi-lingual, multi-currency etc.
  2. There are two breeds of MLM Solution providers today. One that are suitable for those businesses who are starting now and have low budget to afford world class MLM solution. These vendors do not provide truly enterprise features and cannot scale to offer high end features/ withstand high traffic with explosive growth of the company. In such cases companies switch to another breed of MLM solution provider who provide premium features but carry hefty charges. This transition from one MLM solution vendor to another is time consuming, painful and costly exercise. Our solution provides a world class solution at affordable charges and supports unlimited growth of your organizations. Features can be virtually upgraded in minutes without any downtime or data migration. Really, scalability was never so much affordable before.
  3. We are perhaps only MLM solution provider who has sponsored non-profit industry educational portal called Let’s MLMTM.
  4. We believe in 100% transparency. Our solution is designed to provide very detailed compensation plan verification information. Anyone can verify bonus computations right up to fractional digits. Most other vendors provide only high level income summary information without providing any break-up details. In addition, our solution provides detailed credit/ debit information allowing anyone to trace account balances and all past transactions. This creates a very transparent environment. All income details can be verified, all account balance changes can be verified. This creates an environment where your direct sellers/ network marketers trust the organization and are willing to stay longer working with you.
  5. Our genealogy views are perhaps the best in the industry. Most vendors show only 3 or 4 levels of top down genealogy views. To see levels below 3 or 4 levels you need to hide the top level branches. Our solution doesn’t carry such limits and you can open & analyse genealogy views up to any level. You may open 50 or 100 or more levels, size is limited only by RAM size of your machine. We provide “Locate Network Marketer” feature that shows genealogy position of the network marketer by showing single line from the company (in case staff is viewing it) or from logged in network marketer all the way to the network marketer required to be located. All other sibling branches are folded up so you get full information about the uplines of the network marketer.
  6. Many of our competitors offer you wizard based compensation plan setup. Wizard based solutions tend to be bloated and inefficient due to too many redundant features & unneeded checks. With wizard generated screens information display follows generic templates and information needed in your case might be scattered in different screens or might not appear in logically desired sequence. We manually put-together and optimize the bonus computations & verification display part. This allows us to remove redundant areas, improve efficiency of computation logic & display screens. Overall effect is you receive lean, efficient solution giving right information, at right place, in right logical sequence that is perfectly suited for your unique compensation plans & work flow. This personal touch and efficiency cannot be gained using standard wizards.
  7. Our solution is designed to provide highly responsive solution. We pay great degree of attention to performance of various data analysis required on triangular genealogy/ hierarchical relationships. With experience and numerous attempts with various techniques we have been able to quickly perform live dynamic data analysis & produce summaries/ reports even with hundreds of thousands of network marketers in the system.
  8. We offer additional discounts when you allow us adding “Powered by Ontogeny” hyperlink to your website. Your website belongs to you and we reward you by allowing us to add our advertisement in your website. Others simply add their advertisement without asking you and without giving you any choice.
  9. We provide full support for “Right to left” (RTL) languages like Arabic, Urdu etc. All web page layout changes completely to start from right edge to left. This makes all RTL users feel completely comfortable in using the solution.
  10. We believe in long term relationship building. Most entrepreneurs go through series of failures & painful learning curves of introspection and corrections before basking in the glory of success. If you use Ontogeny to promote your MLM business and in unfortunate circumstances it fails then we will offer minimum 50% additional discount on your future project requiring MLM solution. This discount will be on top of any other prevailing discounts/ promotions we might be running in future. This is to reward fighter in you, to show our commitment towards helping you to be successful and to build long term professional relationship with you.