Products / Packages

Create unlimited products online complete with all necessary details like SKU codes, full name in various languages. You may create a shorter text based information or a full blown detailed HTML content embedded with images/ flash/ videos. Additionally you can upload and link separate images or other attachments of any type.

Products can have effective date range so that expired products are not shown anymore, similarly you may configure all products to be launched on any future date. You may decide to publish the product details online on public facing web pages.

Easily create Product Categories with hierarchical relationship like parent category as “Electronics” and child categories as “Home Appliances”, “Digital Cameras” etc. and link products to different category. When any parent category is selected then all products belonging to selected category and every child (at any level) are displayed. Any single product can be linked to multiple categories.

Product Packages are fully supported. You may create a Package containing group of product(s) with specific quantity. While selling just choose the package instead of selecting each product separately. Packages can have optional product quantity so you may configure packages that support “Buy any 3 out of these 5”. During sales users are allowed to choose package and then manually change quantity for the products that have optional quantity configured for them.

You can configure product or packages availability separately in each Business Centre.

Online setup allows you to configure BV or PV to be allocated for each product/ package separately for different buyer type that can vary for different date range or for different business centres

Advanced Product/ Package Price configuration with multiple price settings based on:

  •   Date Range
  •   Financial Class
  •   Buyer Type
  •   Country Currency (e.g. USD, AUD etc.)
  •   Virtual Currency (e.g. eWallet)
  •   Business Centre (Could be country or state with different tax rules)

You may configure tax settings at product/ package level like tax applicable, price includes tax etc.

Also available is option to configure discount range with default and maximum discount settings. Choose your final discount within configured range while selling.

There is out-of-box support for user defined prices for products/ packages (Suitable for products of type “investment” and “donation” where investor/ donor decides final price) with minimum, maximum, subsequent increment amount settings.