Genealogy / Hierarchical Views

Ontogeny® offers you various advanced live genealogy analysis views of 4 different types that are perhaps the best in the industry. Most vendors show only 3 or 4 levels of top down genealogy views. To see levels below 3 or 4 levels you need to hide the top level branches. Our solution doesn’t carry such limits and you can open & analyse genealogy views up to any level. You may open 50 or 100 or more levels, size is limited only by RAM size of your machine.

Most other vendors provide fixed locations for each network marketer even if that slot is empty. Our views can show actual only the slots that are occupied or first level empty slots only if needed. Our genealogy views are highly interactive. There are various options like “View from here”, “Hide this branch”, “Show all hidden branches”, and “Auto-hide dormant branches”.

Our genealogy views supports displaying any information including live Group Sales from each branch, Personal Group Sales and Personal Sales, latest ranks, real time available BV/ PV (in case of binary matching) etc. Easily make manual decisions where to place new downlines or leave it to automated placement.

Top Down genealogy view can be modified to show details in top down view itself or it can show minimal information with necessary details on mouse over or clicking on it.

We provide “Locate Network Marketer” feature that shows genealogy position of the network marketer by showing single line from the company (in case staff is viewing it) or from logged in network marketer (in case network marketer is viewing it) all the way to the network marketer required to be located. All other sibling branches are folded up so you get full information about the uplines of the network marketer. This feature is available in all 4 genealogy views as well as standalone feature.

Various genealogy views can be exported and / or printed while retaining graphical tree structure in Xls, Xlsx, PDF formats.

You and your network marketers will be amazed to see all the available features and how easy it makes to analyse triangular genealogy details all with live data.