Audit Module

Basic Audit Module

All of our licenses already support include basic auditing features. This includes identifying who added any record and when. As well as who modified any data and when. These basic auditing details are always recorded and can be seen online by admin staff.

There are certain specific areas in the system were very detailed auditing details are available as part of core license itself. These includes following:

  1. All invoice editing done. Full audit details are recorded and can be viewed/ exported or printed from online solution.
  2. All manual sponsor changes – system records all necessary details including old sponsor, entire impacted upline from old sponsor till company etc.
  3. All manual placement changes – system records all necessary details including old placement/ branch and entire impacted upline from old placement till company etc.

This basic auditing module doesn’t include following though:

  • What were the original values of various fields before details were updated?
  • Who else updated any record in the past and what were the changes made?
  • Who deleted any record? when was it deleted? And what were the various field values for the deleted records?

All such details are never recorded and not available in basic audit module in general. Only exception being Invoice Editing and Sponsor/ Placement changes where detailed audit information is always available.

Advanced Audit Module

Advanced Audit Module bridges all gaps not covered in basic audit module. Advanced audit module records all possible changes happening to the data. It operates under “Always Add” mode by simply marking old data that is updated or removed with appropriate flag and always adding new record with new desired field values. Detailed reports are available to review the updates happening along with date-time and user details who updated the data. You may query the data by specific admin staff or for specific date range.

Note this advanced audit module is an optional module and not available by default in core license.