Our Guarantee

*Following terms and conditions are applicable

  • Do note offer is applicable for Leased Editions and not for Perpetual Editions.
  • Note that the offer is not available for Aspire Leased License.
  • 100 days period starts from the day we commence working on your project. You will receive official email from us clearly indicating date on first day and on 100th day.
  • This offer is applicable for new licenses sign up. It does not apply to upgrading of licenses.
  • 100% refund is applicable for the component that is received by us. It does not apply to all 3rd party expenses incurred like SSL certificate, web hosting charges, bank remittances charges etc. In most cases such charges will be under US$ 500.
  • We may be running promotions that offer free gifts for new purchases. If you receive any free gift and later choose to receive 100% refund then full cost of the free gift and its shipping expenses if any, will be deducted. Our promotion will indicate price of free gifts before hand and you may choose to defer gift receipt until you are fully satisfied with the solution.

In case you wish to purchase Perpetual Edition and want to retain 100% money back guarantee then we suggest that you purchase Leased Edition first and when you are satisfied with overall quality of the solution then you may upgrade your license from Leased to Perpetual Edition. You only need to pay for the difference in prices between both editions.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Gurantee